Each contestant is required to submit their Official Headshot for the 2023 pageant program book and website. You are required to shoot with our Official Photograph Sponsor, Granimo Studios.

Q: What do I wear for my headshot?

A: You may wear any bright and solid colored top or dress of your liking. Fashionable accessories are also recommended.

Q: Can I choose any backdrop color?

A: The background color for ALL contestant headshots will be WHITE this year.

Q: Who can take my photo?

A: Contestants are required to shoot with our Official Photography Sponsor, Granimo Studios. Please reach out directly for scheduling, pricing and all requirments. www.granimo.com

Q: Who can do my hair and makeup?

A: Contestants are able to work with any hair and makeup artist(s). We have also provided the names of our Official Hair/Makeup Sponsors below.


REMINDER: If you choose to not shoot with a photographer prior to Orientation, we will be providing a photographer at Orientation for a fee of $25. Please keep in mind, this photograph will be done rather quickly and the staff will be selecting the photograph that will be used for the program book and website.